How to retrieve NTRIP corrections on Reach RX through a third-party app


Since the Reach RX has no built-in modem and then cannot initiate its own Internet connection, the download of NTRIP corrections has to be initiated through ReachView3 app. So far so good :slight_smile:

When working with a third-party app though, the NTRIP connection has then to be initiated by the app itself, via a NTRIP client. What are the requirements of this NTRIP client for the third-party app to make it work ? Are there special specifications ?

Use case here is a user working with the app TopoCalc, from editor Geopixel. There is a custom NTRIP client in it, the Bluetooth pairing is done, but corrections are not going to the Reach RX. Status remains Single.

I have tried with both Fieldgenius for Android and Lefebure Ntrip Client (also on Android). Both worked well with the RX using Bluetooth for NTRIP.

I had to do no special setup, it just swung into work.

Thanks Christian for the feedback. Good to see those two work.
The app I mentioned works on Windows. Maybe this is an important detail.

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