How to retrieve elevation and azimuth from UBX using teqc?


I am struggle with the retrieve .ele and .azi file from UBX file.
After converting the UBX file to RINEX, I run the teqc with commend (teqc +qc +plot ++rx_state rx_state fileName.o). But it is not working well with error message (teqc: cannot fseek back 1 byte from end of file ‘fileName’ … exiting). Do you know why I fail to retrieve .ele and .azi from observation file?
For achieve that, ts there any specific setting for RS2+?

Hello jeongho,

You could view and plot SVs elevation and azimuth from UBX messages using CELESTIAN service:

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HI @jeongho.public,

How’s it going? Are you finally able to retrieve the .ele and .azi files after running teqc? I tried it on one of our UBX files and converted it to RINEX 2.11. I ran teqc, and I got all the files afterward.

There are no special settings needed for it. How did you convert the UBX file to RINEX?