How to remove added wifi networks?

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I have some beginner questions:
How can I delete the added wifi networks?
Even if Reach RS+ can’t find networks and starts it’s own hotspot, the normal Reachview program starts on connection, and there is no option to delete or edit the added networks (or I can’t find it… :slight_smile: ). Also, I can’t find how to get back the “Wellcome to Reachview” window with the big blue +, where there is the possibiliy to delete networks.
Another question: if I want to start Reachview on a PC, what to write to the browser’s address line? I had to find the IP using Angry IP scanner. It’s working, but hope there is a simpler solution.

Hi @mmormota2,

You can do it in the Wi-Fi tab of ReachView.
Click to the network name, then hit “Forget” button. The network will be deleted from the list of known networks.

You can connect to the same network your phone with ReachView app and run it. ReachView will list IP addresses of all Reach connected to the network.

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