How to receive Reach RTK GPS data on Raspberry Pi 3 via USB?

Hi Emlid Community,

Could anyone kindly provide information on how to set up the Reach RTK to send data via USB to a Raspberry Pi 3?

I’ve seen some documentation on the Quickstart guide but I either missed or can’t find the information on how to send GPS data through the USB. Please help.

Thanks! - Marc

One way to do it is:

Set up for USB-to-PC:

On your Pi, tail the syslog and then plug in Reach:
sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

See a line like so:
Mar 3 20:58:13 my-Pi kernel: [3754742.643811] cdc_acm 1-6:2.2: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

So, looking at that link, your USB serial device will be here:

Watch what comes in over that USB serial device with this command:
sudo screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200

NMEA strings will appear in the ‘screen’ console:


To exit, type CTRL-a k and answer y for yes.


Hi @bide, thank you for the help. Everything but the part using Reach View is clear to me. The version of Reach View on my Emlid RTK is v0.0.3. I connect my laptop to ethernet and to the Reach to update Reach View in the settings page but it does not update after the 120 second period. Is Reach View v0.0.3 so deprecated that I need to flash Emlid’s firmware first? Is that the only way to change Reach View? I am downloading the latest image now.

There is no upgrade path from ReachView v0.0.3 to v2.10.0, so yes, you are correct to reflash your device.

In doing so, you move from open-source ReachView to closed-source ReachView 2, but IMHO it is worth it for all the UI improvements, plus the GNSS receiver firmware upgrade will enable the Galileo satellite constellation.

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Hi Bide, that’s interesting, do you know who closed the code base?

Anyways, flashing the board worked and I get GPS data on the Raspberry Pi per your instructions. Thank you very much.


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Well, that is for Emlid to say, but I think if there were major contributions from the community with the first version, then the second version might have remained open. Plus, part of the value of the Reach product is the software, so from a business perspective I think it was the right move, so I can’t blame them for closing it.

That doesn’t mean people can’t contribute their code and ideas!


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