How to read the state RC out?

Hello everyone,
I recently have a Sony QX1 camera that I will use to take photos from ‘Mission planner or QGround control’.

This camera generates a Wi-Fi network to connect the application ‘PlayMemories Mobile’ your connection is by wifi to a mobile device, such as IOS, Android etc.

Looking to be able to fire it from my RPi3, I found ‘Pysony’, an API in Python to use the camera which I managed to shoot with this API.

Now I need to read the status of the pin that performs the camera firing using ‘Mission Planner’ to be able to make a program in python that reads the status of the pin and shoots the camera with the API
My question is, can I read the status of the pin to save it to a variable?

Hello, Gabriel!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Did you manage to sort it out on your own?

If not, could you please answer a couple of questions:

  • Why do you need to read this pin and then launch another Python script?
  • Have you seen this entry?
  • Could you please elaborate on the whole thing?

If I understood correctly you set camera trigger to drive your pin high and have a separate Python monitor script that will just check the the pin state (I suppose the better option would be to use poll() in here) and the fire up the API.

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