How to read rover position (erb) over WiFi

I’m new to Reach - how could I connect to a rover to obtain the position (rtk solution) and heading? I found the Emlid Reach Binary protocol description, but how do I get that information from the rover over WiFi?

I guess I set up the rover as tcpsvr with erb protocol. Then what?

Assuming I know the IP address of the rover, how (what communications protocol) would I use to get the data?

I suppose I would make a tcp connection, but what port? How do I get an erb message from the rover?

(my goal is to query rover position from another computer on the network, probably using a simple Python script)

I think this is a basic question, so I’m sure I’m overlooking something!

This is done by setting up an output solution type (e.g. tcp with any port you want) and protocol (ERB, NMEA, plain text). Then you can connect/listen to/on the port and read the messages.

Thank you for the quick reply!

This sounds simple enough. However, if I connect to the tcp port, what controls which messages I receive? For example, ERB has 6 different messages. If I read your reply on the surface, do you mean that the messages are just streamed? If so, are all 6 messages sent in a loop, or, is there some pattern?

I would expect some type of request / response, but this doesn’t seem to be detailed in the ERB protocol document, or have I overlooked it?

Thanks again!

Messages are sent periodically, there’s no need to request them.