How to read obs data?

I’m trobuled in read obs obs data.I want to know every numbers means to study gnss?

finally,anyone can introduced some books or thesis about gnss or post processed kinematics?

Hi @qzmp69375 , and welcome to our community forum!

Data records in RINEX .obs files include the following content:

The first line is the epoch. It shows the date and time of the record in yyyymmdd hhmmss format.

In the first column:

  • The letter shows the satellite system (G for GPS, R for GLONASS, E for Galileo, etc.).

  • The value is the number of a particular satellite.

Each line contains several variables for the specified satellite. They go in the following order:

  • C = pseudorange, which is the distance from the receiver antenna to the satellite antenna, including receiver and satellite clock offsets.

  • L = career phase. It’s the difference between the phase of the receiver oscillator and the signal received from the satellite + the number of cycles at the initial start of the tracking phase.

  • D = doppler, which stands for a change of frequency due to the Doppler effect. The sign of the value is positive for approaching satellites.

  • S = signal strength or Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). It’s the value that compares the level of the desired signal to the level of background noise. The great value for L1 frequency starts from 35-40.


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