How to read message from Navio autopilot connection?

if name == “main”:
conn = MavlinkConnection(‘udp:’, threaded=False, PX4=False)

I have the connection to my autopilot by calling above MavlinkConnection method, can someone help me to read attributes from my autopilot through this connection?

Hi Santosh,

Do you use PX4 or Ardupilot?

Have you tried steps described in this guide to read MAVlink messages?

Navio 2

Yes, we know that, but do you use Ardupilot stack or PX4 stack.

Ardupilot stack is the one on the Emlid Navio2 image.


Hi Santosh,

What commands have you already tried?

You can check this example that sends and receives MAVLing messages over UDP.

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