How to power the Navio2 and motors with lipo batteries?

Hi Guys.

I am just wondering if you guys can help me to understand how to power the Navio2 with lipo batteries.

I have been following the official documentation which is really good and clear however I think it does not explain which batteries should I use to power the motors and the Navio2 together.

I choose these motors
4 x Tiger 4006 380KV motors
17x5.8 CF props

So I’m wondering which batteries should I use in this case and how can I understand which battery should I use.

I also visited these sites which helps a lot but I’m still pretty confused.

Thanks in advance.

Ronildo Junior

Hi Ronildo
You can use a 4S LiPol.
And you must use a 20A ESC.

Hi…i think you can easily find the LiPo meeting your requirement. As suggested above use the 4S Lipo…i will also refer the same and the same configuration for ESC. Can you please share the details regarding your motors in terms of the specifications and features? What type of motors are they and for which purpose you are using them?

pcb and assembly


Thanks for helping me guys. The purpose of the drone is for personal research, also because looks interesting build my own drone. It is my first time. By the way english is my second language so sorry if there is any grammar mistake.

I will be honest with you, I do not know to much about electronics so I have been struggling a lot to understand which battery, voltage, amperes, and all these codes Lipo 4S 14.8V 1500mAh, 20A Brushless ESC, MT2213 935KV CW so I have been spend a lot of time on the internet.

I am computer programmer so my main idea is to build some solutions, I mean softwares inside of the raspberry pi, see if can make this drone fly by itself and come back to my garage, I will see what can I do. These are the hardware that I bought at moment.

FLOUREON 4S 14.8V 1500mAh 45C Lipo Battery XT60
Emax Blheli Firmware 20A Brushless ESC Speed Controller For RC 250 Quadcopte
Emax MT2213 935KV CW Thread Brushless Motor
2 Pairs 8045 Carbon Fiber Propeller Props Balanced For DJI Phantom 1/2 8*4.5

1 x MCX GPS/Glonass antenna (ANT102)
1 x Power module v1 (PWR102)
1 x Navio2 board (NAV104)
1 x DF13 wires for Navio2 (WRP103)

iMAX B6 AC Digital LCD RC Lipo NiMh NiCD Battery Balance Charger Power Adapter

These are some of the tutorial that I have been watching or reading.

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