How to post process RAW data from a Static Base with no Rover?

I placed a Static Base on a PR to get its RAW data to then correct with RINEX data from an active station.

In RTKLIB I only see the option to post process Base and Rover, but no option to just process data from a Static Base. With other GNSS systems you typically use software such as Trimble Business Center, but I can’t install that on my current PC and I really would like to be able to do it with RTKLIB. It is possible at all?

If you process the data uncorrected (with no correction), you will get a Single Solution, where your accuracy is around 2.5 m.

You need to find a CORS or similar that can provide you with Rinex files from the same interval.
Or, your can use PPP with i.e NRCAN. But you will have to wait 2 weeks before you would get the same accuracy as with a nearby CORS.


Hi Rod,

Using PPP is a good option if you have time to wait. However, I guess you ask if RTKLIB can download the necessary base data from the CORS stations themselves. As I know, Trimble Business Center indeed has a feature like that. As for RTKLIB, it can process the data you import only. But in most cases, you can download data from the CORS base yourself and process it.

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When you say “to then correct with RINEX from an active station” do you mean you have rinex from a CORS station or other GPS base on a known point that is different than your static base? If that’s what your saying, then yes, in this case your “static base” is considered the “rover” in rtklib and the observations from your “active station” are the “base” in rtklib. In rtklib you can set the processing options you set positioning mode to static and in the options/output tab under the solutions for static you can choose “all” if you want it to solve the static solution at each epoch, or single if you want it to solve for a single best fit point for the entire observation period.

On the positions tab, enter the known coordinates for your “active station” as the base station.


Thank you, this is what I meant.

I ended up using TBC for the time being and it serves well for my job because it also gives you the baseline report in pdf, but it is good to know that I can tinker with RTKLIB as well.

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