How to perform a factory reset on my EMAX 4IN1 25A ESC

Sorry I did not find the perfect forum category to create this topic. Hopefully this is not going to much out of scope or maybe someone can tell me where I can get some support on such kind of topic.

I recently owned an EMAX 4IN1 25A ESC on my quadcopter equipped with Rpi2 + Navio2.
I encountered issues when calibrating my ESC : the number of motors actually sensible to the level of my throttle seems to randomly set.
I get sometime 1 motor, sometime 3, with different behaviors between motors.

I am really lost in trying to go to programming with beep sounds due to the fact the EMAX doesn’t behave like written in the documentation (13 beeps instead of 6 possible, and when I select a category by putting the throttle down I don’t get to parameters)

I ordered a programming card to make it clearer but I will not get it before weeks…

Also, is there any mean to perform a factory reset ? What about changing the UBEC?

Thanks very much in advance for your kind support.