How to output soltion to android without bluetooth


I have booth reach working. The correction is done by 3dr radio ( works fine).
My next step is to have the solution on my android tablet. The Problem is that the bluetooth connection is not very stable…is there an app to bring the solution information over tcpip server to other apps?

Thank you and best regards

Hi Franz,

Why not get your Andriod device to setup a wifi hot spot, and configure your Pi to connection this access point? Range is much better than BT.

Good luck.

Dear @kcassidy

Yes that is possible. I use this. but It can not be used to output the solution to a normal Android app like Vespucci oder any other tracker.

So the question is still: Is there an app that gets the nmea output from TCP and transform this to an internal GPS signal. Like the BuetoothGPS transforms from Bluetooth to internal GPS.

thank you and best regards

I think that Lefebure NTRIP app has the functionality that you need. It can accept GPS data over TCP and mock GPS on Android.