How to measure voltage of individual cells of battery? (ADC?)


My aim is to measure the voltage of 3 individual cells of my (lipo) battery.
I have succeeded to measure the total voltage of the battery with ADC0 and the voltage of the first cell with ADC2.
My plan was to also measure the voltage of the second cell with ADC3, and then substract the two cells from the total voltage to get the voltage of the third cell.
The problem is that, to measure the second cell, I get a voltage of 7 V, which is larger than 5 V.
Will I fry the navio2?
How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

You can use a cheap(~$4) battery alarm like these
These devices measure the individual cell voltages, and the pack as a whole. The multi-wire connector included with the lipo battery can also be used directly.


Or this one.


Thanks for the reply!

Is the output a PWM signal? So readable by the Navio2?
I want to write a program that reads the cell voltage, so I get a notification on my laptop (wireless connection with the pi) if a cell is below a limit.

I have my Taranis notify me when with the info i need. I use this just because i already have it set up before i attached Navio to my aircraft. So i havent made the steps to make this work with Mission planner yet.

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Ok, thank you for your help!

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