How to manage Base and Rover in the field?

When in the field using Base and Rover devices together, what is the recommended network/communications setup? How do we talk to and control both devices at the same time?

Cellular network will not be available. Would prefer not to dedicate a distinct phone/tablet/laptop for each Reach device.

Reach RS+, model RRS-1P

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What range we talking here? To control both I think you would be limited to long range wifi network.

I put in request to send commands via LoRa from rover to base a while back. But insofar the LoRa is just used for correction stream. It really sucks when you have to go all the way back to base to change settings running RTK.

To that point are you focused on RTK and/or PPK surveying?

Once you are comfortable with the settings and the peculiarities of the work environment, I find that you set up the base when you turn it on, and that is it. Then you set the rover while right there beside the base. Confirm everything is OK, and get to work.

The recommended setup is the controller(smartphone/tablet/etc.) providing the hotspot (and Internet access, if available). Both base and rover should connect to the hotspot.

This way if both base and rover are nearby then you can easily choose one or the other from the ReachView app screen. Also, if you your controller is providing Internet, then you get the bonus of having a map background loaded in Reachview.

Personally, I do the opposite. I let base and rover create their own hotspot. I specifically connect to the Wi-Fi of the base or rover and use the app or surf to to pull up ReachView. With this way, there is no map background (right?); it takes longer to switch back and forth between units; and if your controller is ‘too smart’ it might decide to switch to a different hotspot in search of an Internet connection and cause you some frustration by dropping the connection to ReachView. The benefit is that you are in control of when you want to connect to Reach, and which one you are connecting to, as opposed to waiting for Reach to discover and connect to your hotspot.

To each, his own way. :slight_smile:


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