How to make drone (survey or other) business in MENA

Got it. I will need a certified surveyor in the team.

This a very good info about progress maps.

There is many construction going on here.

In the US you only need a surveyor if you are doing work that deals with dedications to public record. Creating data references from existing monumentation is fine. Private work that doesn’t disturb adjoining properties is fine. GCP’s are fine. As long as we are not messing with existing dedicated monumentation or setting other permanent control points that the public can access then there is nothing anyone can do besides take you to court. Very unlikely someone will actually go that far if you abide by the current laws.


I registered domain name now.

Will be filling the web site and looking for investors. One idea is simple: progress maps.

Another idea - sand dunes migration monitoring, desert nature & climate monitoring.


Greate idea.
Its highly valuable any work for a better climate. Should be on anybodys nr1 priority list.
I am constantly thinking a way to utilize Reach in such way.


Unexpectedly and surprisingly easily I have found partners and now we are making Drone startup here.

Initial orientation will be:

  • Falcon training with fast flyer quadcopter carrying a bait
  • Falcon filming

We will prepare sample products and exhibit on falcon tournament in September.

Now I need to construct drone which can fly 130km/h and carry 300g payload (bait).

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The exhibition/falcon tournament starts 27th August.
Thus busy preparing - sorry for no updates in Project Share section.

We will present a whole model range there:

  • New model - X4 for Falcon Training (65-70 km/h) - mainstream product
  • New Experimental EDF X4 for Falcon Training (160-180km/h) - experimental product
  • Heavy 800mm X8 for DSLR (Titanium Weaver Mk1)

Photos will come soon.

Despair DJI.

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This model does not have a name yet.
The box is a case for 10Ah 6S.

Flight time expected 5 minutes.
Speed - hopefully very fast… Like 180km/h.


The Alabama Chrome adds a nice touch.


Wow it looks more like turbofan jet engines than electric. The RPM must be off the charts.


So must the frequency of the sound coming from those :stuck_out_tongue:


For the above drone arms can be extended for using with 4008 motors and 17.5 inch propellers - without the need to change other components (battery, FC, ESCs, etc).

The central part is a module and arms are modular.

I believe this is the first in history extendable modular drone.


And this is the second model.
Draft name is “Spider drone”.


Assembly finished today.
The “Spider” drone (on the right) flied successfully and very stable.

The EDF drone (on the left) had static tests because the needed 10Ah 6S 30C will be available tomorrow and we had to use 12C battery which gives only 50% of the power.
After few tests it seems that one of ESCs got burned. I wonder if iFlight 4-in-1 60A was good choice for these motors - they take 58A max each.
Everything gets hot. And this 4-in-1 ESC does not have any heatsink.
Tomorrow will try spare ESC and see if it gets burned.


The interim outcome is that the drone on the right is commercially feasible, due to the following advantages comparing to normal F450 setup:

  • Cheap frame
  • Very strong frame
  • Less components
  • Higher performance
  • Quick assembly
  • Repairable very easily
  • Strong and stable landing gear
  • Easier and quicker access to electronics
  • Modular
  • Expandable
  • Looks great
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick disassemble - the motors are removed by loosening (not even fully unscrewing) only 1 screw - then it slides out easily.


  • Slightly higher weight comparing to plastic F450
  • Needs more expensive motors (Sunnysky 2216) and larger battery (5500 4S) - also more expensive.

Generally it is a recommended design (with no PDB and 4-in-1 ESC) using 2020 aluminium profile - it has been optimized after several iterations - I will publish component list (Aliexpress) within few days.

Reg. the EDF drone - it still did not fly properly.
It seems there are 2 things:

  1. It needs dual battery setup via ideal diode/2 battery PDB
  2. It needs thicker ESC battery wires.
    Current power train can’t handle 150-250A with 1 battery and 10 AWG main wire.
    However even considering that - it seems battery dies very fast.

But still no flighttime numbers? :smiley:

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What does this have to do with the use of Emlid products?

Didn’t measure yet. Will ask on the weekend.
It is not supposed to be great. Around 12-15 minutes.

You prefer a dead forum like the one on ardupilot discuss?

Btw it’s a “getting started” section.

I guess it just seems should be in a MISC section or a Drone Forum maybe? Not knocking what you’re doing…it’s great… I was just wondering what it had to do with Emlid products.

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If it’s possible can moderators move it to Misc section?
Initially I was planning to use RTK equipment but so far did not reach to there.