How to make a Geographic known point

Hello everybody could you teach me the best way to make an unknown point into a geographic known point In order to preserve it as manual base for future surveys? I Think the observation Time with my new rs+ Is going to be very long, (maybe 24hours or more, I don’t know) but I don’t know what are the precise settings or steps to do this! Thank you!

Do you have a CORRs network nearby?

But anyhow, you need some quite long obs times. You can also submit your data for PPP. Using L1 only, I would recommend at least 24 hours, preferably 36 hours, and then wait 2 weeks until I.e. NRCAN has the final solution ready.

Hello, thanks for answering, I think there’s a CORS like within 20 km radio, but I think reach rs+ it’s not capable to do so, right?
I forgot to tell, Im very south of Mexico City.

20 km is fine with PPK but over the limit for RTK.

Hi Marco,

Just wanted to agree with Christian that you can either submit your data to the PPP services to establish the point using the corrections from the NTRIP station.

Please note that Reach RS+ provides baselines of up to 10 km in RTK and 30 km in PPK.

thank you very much, and im sorry for being offline so long. would be there some tutorial to do that?

Hi Marco,

I’m afraid we don’t have any tutorials regarding working with PPP services.

However, you can check out this guide on how to work with NTRIP.

Quick guide:

  1. Log as long as possible on site
  2. Convert .ubx to Rinex, version 2.10, GPS+GLO only
  3. Submit to NRCAN (i.e.)
  4. wait for result to come back by email

(this is oversimplified, there are many more nuances to this, but this will at least get you started)

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