How to link Navio2 to MATLAB for sensor fusion?

Hello all,

Wondering if there’s a simple way to link the Navio2 to stream raw data from the accel/gyro/mag to MATLAB2019b. I’d like to play around/practice with the Sensor Fusion and Tracking toolbox.

I understand MATLAB2019b supports ROS but I can’t find any good resources on how to stream Navio2 raw data to a MATLAB ROS node.



I can advise you to look through ROS documentation. Navio2 uses ROS Kinetic distributive so it should be described there thoroughly. Also, MathWorks themselves have a starting guide for basic ROS integration. You could also check their webinar on their tracking “robo-turtle”.

It’ll be great if you succeed with that - it’s interesting how our Navio2 module can be used alongside with a MatLab environment.

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