How to integration Reach and Pixhawk in PX4 firemware?

I’m trying to integrate reach RTK with Pixhawk in PX4 firmware

I had referenced reach “APM integration” page already,but still had no idea in “Configuring radio” part.

Dose reach RTK support PX4 ?ERB protocal?
What should I do?

Thanks Hi! There is no ERB support in PX4, but you can still use it with Reach by using NMEA output. Sorry, we have no instructions for PX4 in the moment.

I think PX4 stack doesn’t support NMEA format, but RTCM. Do you have the option to send in the data in this format?

RTCM is a format for corrections, not for coordinates.
So for autopilot software to accept coordinates from Reach it has to support ERB or NMEA.
As for PX4 support for RTCM - it probably means that PX4 can accept RTCM from some source to transfer them to a GPS unit.

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