How to get the previous firmware version?

The question is for the Emlid team. I managed to return to 2.20.7. But how to refuse annoying updates when I turn on. I can’t do anything for them. Help out. We need to work.

Just unsubscribe from the Dev updates in the Settings-menu.

Hi. Where can I get older firmware versions? Is there a way to download them or the only available version is always the last released?

But you need to go into the settings, but how. There is only an update icon.

I can throw it in the mail. Maybe you can do it, teach me

Hi guys,

Just wanted to point out that, at the moment, there is no supported way to downgrade the firmware version on your device.

Hello Polina,
There is no repository where we can download older firmware images?


We’re working on adding the option of going back to previous firmware version. At the moment, it’s not supported.


I need to go back to former working version 2.20.5, but after 2 init of RS2 and reinstalation of Reachview!

Now it is stuck in update page, where nothing happens and it is not possible to came anywhere!

How to get to Setting Meny, when Reachview is locked in update page?

Hi Jan,

May I ask you to clarify why you decided to go back to the v2.20.5 firmware version?


For 6 months I had a working version 2.20.5 in my RS2, but with Update to v2.22.2 , the main page never comes up with Status, etc, only the update page with a red flag in the right upper corner! If you put the latest Reachview version 2.22.3 on Google play, it might work to get Reachview working!

Tried the same procedure this morning! Reachview gets to the same update window page with red flag and the RS2 makes blue blink to the left of push button and then goes to white and nothing more happens!

Hey there,

Just wanted to give an update on the situation: we’re currently in touch with Jan Olov to understand what is the cause of the issues with updating the unit.

Hi everyone,

Reach RS2 unit that Jan-Olov owns shows unexpected behavior. We’ll replace the unit so that we can take a closer look at what might be the cause of this issue ourselves.