How to get precise coordinates from UAV mapping

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Ive been through all the docs and am not sure how to proceed.

I have a drone with an RS2 & M2 and i want to use it :

  1. as second gps for RTK flight precision
  2. trigger from the autopilot any camera and then inject precise locations

At this point i have part 1 working how do correct the EXFs of the images i took with teh most precise co-ordinates from the emlid duo ?

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Hi, please read this section of Emlid’s Docs;

and that will hopefully help you with geotagging your images with the corrected coordinates.
Are you using Emlid’s Reach M2/M+ camera hot shoe adapter to trigger the camera?


With the Drone data processing feature, you can easily add geotags to the drone images’ EXIF data and process them later in the photogrammetry software.
“As a result of the mapping mission, you should have the following files:
RINEX log from a base
RINEX log from a rover
Set of images from the drone’s camera
ReachView 3 CSV file with the coordinates of ground control points”

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Yes ! thank you @mark1st.john ,

i went through the elmid studio docs .

1)what is the Navigation RInex and do i need it ?

  1. i dont use a hot shoe do i need it ? also the camera am triggering is a multispectral , could i take the hot shoes and adjust the cable to fit my needs ?

Thank you for pointing out emlid studio,

Hi @firebblade,

The most important thing here is that precise images coordinates can be obtained in PPK only. And as Mark said, it should be done via Emlid Studio.

If something in the guide isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

RINEX usually consists of observation and navigation files. You always need navigation file from a base or a rover. But you don’t need to do anything special to obtain it. It just will be there after downloading RINEX from Reach.

Yes. Reach records precise time marks for each photo taken. It can do that only if it’s connected to a camera hot-shoe adapter via hot-shoe cable. Emlid Studio calculates precise coordinates for images using these time marks.

What do you mean by adjusting the cable? Does multispectral camera output several images for one trigger?

Hello @svetlana.nikolenko ,

thank you for your reply ,

Am sorry adjusting the cable was very open to interpretations :smiley: , in short, can i add it to a Gremsy gimbal?
i have a gremsy t3v3 and i currently pass a relay from the flight controller to it, to trigger cameras, depending on the setup i have a micasence redP or a sony A6000, with custom cables coming out of the gimbal in the bottom (same trigger /setup on the top). later on i want to add a flir together with the rededgeP will i be ale to connect the shoe to the gremsy and then split it for two sensors ?

Thank you for your time,

Hi @firebblade,

Hmm, it’s hard to guide you since I’ve never worked with Gremsy products. But I’d not recommend you split the cable from the hot shoe. It may lead to losing the time marks.

As I understand, you work with either MicaSense or Sony A6000 cameras. So you can configure the setup depending on the camera:

  • This guide will help you with the integration with Sony A6000. It’s a standard workflow for PPK Mapping with Reach M2.
  • This article may help you with the setup with MicaSense.

To geotag the photos in Emlid Studio, you can follow the steps of the guide @mark1st.john shared above.

As for working with 2 cameras simultaneously, if they take photos at the same time, it may be an option to connect Reach M2 to the hot shoe of one of them. Since the time of photos will be the same, you can use time marks to geotag photos from both cameras.

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Hello Julia,

Thank you for you reply .

Am waiting for the hot shoe cable to arrive soon, ill write more then just wanted to say that it was not clear to me that i can have the hotshoe “BUT” trigger with out it ! its small detail that changes everything i was saying before, no reason for splitting cables etc etc

(About Gremsy gimbals, they give you a 10 port bus at the base of the gimbal that runs all inside the gimbal and comes out where the camera mounts , so you dont have hanging cables especially if you are shooting video )

Hi @firebblade,

Oh, yep, there are several ways to trigger the camera. You can read about them in this article. The easiest way is to use autopilot.

Reach M2 doesn’t trigger the camera via its hot shoe. But it has a trigger pin to record time marks, which are needed for geotagging.

I’ll be waiting for the results of your tests.

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