How to get notified of official firmware releases?

How or where do I sign up to be on an email distribution/notification list that ONLY sends me a message when EMLID releases an official, final (not beta) firmware update for my Reach RS2s? (I have a pair of RS2’s.)

I don’t want to have to log in & manually search through the Community Forums to try to figure out whether a new firmware has been released since I last checked maybe months or quarters ago.


Turn off beta. Then Reachview will only prompt you for stable releases.


I don’t use my RS2’s all that often – maybe a few times a year. Mostly they are in storage, off-site, so I can’t conviently turn them on & log in with web app or ReachView to check FW status.

It would be handy to get a positive notification of official firmware releases via email, so that I know in advance of a job that I will need to set aside an extra 30 to 60 mins to do the FW updates & basic functionality testing afterward. (Before I go out for site work.)

Why do you need to load a new firmware in an occasion like that if it was working before? We have planned maintenance once a month and every gets updated then. Regardless an email is a good idea.

There is no need per-se. I just like to have a) new features and b) bugs silently fixed. (I.e. lots of bugs that I personally may not have encountered yet, but that I might encounter, avoidably, if I run older firmware when I could instead be running the latest release.)

As I said initially, I could come & scan through the forums from time to time but I’m not a super-active user at present, and it’d save time & attention bandwidth to just get a notification once or twice a year when official RS2 firmware is released.

It’s pretty common for vendors of equipment & software to have email-notification lists for this sort of thing.

OTOH I can also see how it might add administrative overhead for EMLID. At a minimum the list would probably need a management interface for users to select which firmware channel(s) to get email notices for. It would defeat the purpose if, as an RS2 owner, I also received email notices for all the other firmware that doesn’t apply to me.


Makes sense to me. We already have accounts associated with Emlid cloud services so I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be doable but i’m not a software engineer.

Hi @manscuto842,

On this page, you can subscribe to our updates. If you want to receive emails about firmware and software updates only, tick the Reach and ReachView Updates option while filling in the form.

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