How to get measures of Navio2's sensors in a C(not C++) program

Hello, I am new on this Forum. Sorry for my English.

How can I get measurents from Navio2 using C? I only see examples on C++ or Python, but nothing about C.

My goal is to develop a C programme using POSIX calls system. I want to use C-POSIX because I don’t know C++. For example, create a pthread(posix-thread), with HIGH priority, dedicated to implement a controller like LQR(reading sensor, Calculate control action, aplying control action). Other pthread, with LOW priority, dedicated to receive movement references through RC.

I will be very grateful to spend your time answering my question. Thank you!!

Hi @ncortesf,

We don’t have examples on C, only on C++ or Python.
I’m afraid there is no ready solution.

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