How to get bluetooth working on our Navio2 board

Good morning!

For a school project we are building an autonomous drone to do specific tasks. We were wanting to use the built in bluetooth on the Raspberry Pi3 as telemetry to communicate with our base station laptop. After a ridiculous amount of searching we found out that the bluetooth is most likely disabled? If this is the case would someone be able to show us how to reactivate it?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Greetings, I am not expert in this particular topic (bluetooth) but if I recall the way bluetooth was implemented causes a problem in the binary I believe. Which means that many breakout boards, including the Navio 2, interfere with bluetooth. For this reason bluetooth is disabled. I believe there is a post somewhere if you search about reenabling bluetooth though your best bet is to get a bluetooth dongle, which will likely also give you more range. Also, Iā€™m not even sure if you can even use bluetooth to deliver telemetry from APM to a GCS.

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