How to get accurate with reach base and reach rover only


I’m asking how to get accurate with only base and rover and which accuracy could I claim with this setup.
I’m having having access to a permanent base correction because it’s too far : more than 50km (it could more in other cases). I don’t know coordinates of my base and don’t have an expensive gnss rtk L1/L2 to acquire this value.
Regarding this configuration : how could I get accurate with base + rover ?



I think we all have a similar challenge.

For me, I plan to hire a surveyor to permanently mark an accurate point on my property. Then, I will put my Reach base there and use that with the rover to determine other accurate points. I don’t know what this will cost in Atlanta, but it can’t cost too much?

Beyond that, I was able to find a local US national survey mark about 1-2 km away. I’ve thought about using that with my Reach base and a 4G-WiFi hotspot to enable network connectivity, which would allow me to use my rover on my property to then put a local permanent mark.

I suppose I could start to research how surveyors use traditional methods to find latitude and longitude. I don’t know if it’s possible to do this yourself and obtain any kind of precision. Also, I’ll guess that the instruments required would be expensive and the methods would require some experience, meaning that I’d be better off to hire a surveyor for an hour to mark a point.


Reach should be able to work on longer baselines in static mode with longer standing time. Try to record the log on the point for a couple of hours and then post-process it to the base that’s 50km away.

How long should the base stay in the same place ? 3, 6, 12 hours, more ?
I could put it on a roof but don’t know exactly the height.
Which accuracy could I get with this method : long time acquisition + post process with a far away corrected station? 50km is an example, I could have 80km in some cases…

@Sylvain_POULAIN Longer time gives you higher chance. As usual with RTK there are no exact numbers, it depends on a lot of factors including time, your area etc. Some of our users had cm-level results in static mode up to 100km.

Ok thank you. I will experiment !