How to get accurate coordinate correction?

I have a rover that can move or stay in one position. At the moment it is in one position and sends data in rtcm3 format. I also have a RINEX file from a base station that is not moving(with GPS and GLO). Since the rover is not moving, I expect to get the points as close as possible to each other (up to 20cm). But I can’t figure out how to set up the program correctly, since I end up with a spread of more than 20m.
Thanks in advance for your help, I’m new to this.

Last photo - rover RINEX

Hi @Anna_nl,

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In this case, do you want to obtain a single point as a local base or get the measurement track? Where is the rover sending RTCM3 corrections to?

If you can share the data with me, I’ll check it to find a solution for you. You can send the files to with a link to this thread if you’d rather keep the data confidential.