How to generate Static Points Baseline report

Hi. I have brought emlid RS2+. I have set one base and two rovers to get static points. However when I use Emlid studio, I don’t see an option of generating a baseline report similar to the one we get using Trimble DGPS.Please see the attached file. How do I generate a report similiar to this one using emlid studio? Is it available? Or should I buy any 3rd party for this?

Please help.

ZUWAI ML-2 Baseline Processing Report.pdf (294.7 KB)

You will not get such a report from Emlid Studio because the software computes a single baseline at a time, and the results and other indicators are found in the pos file, which is a text file.

You can still gather every baseline results in a single file by copy pasting or by programming a small script. Let me know if you want to go for the second option.


Hi Florian,

Sorry for the late response. Is there any 3rd party software that is compatible with Emlid Products for generating baseline report for all the points at once? Please let me know.


Nothing on the shelf I’m afraid. You may need a home-made script for that.

Or should i buy the dongle from Trimble? It’s expensive but at least gives results. Hope Emlid comes out something similar to this soon. Most government departments in India ask for this report and they specifically mention Trimble or Leica GNSS to use for this report.

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Hi NanisGeospatial,

It’s a valuable suggestion. I’ll note it and pass it on to the team. Special thanks for the info about the Indian departments’ request.

Thanks for passing on, Mr. Zoltan. If emlid can come up with a pepertual license software to generate these types of reports, you will have a big community here. Even major private infra companies ask these reports. I hope you guys come up with a solution for this.


Hi, you should consider the result in a different coordinate system too.

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