How to: from RTKLIB to Pix4D

So I’ve flew my first test flight with the Reach RTK today, got the obs and nav files, downloaded Rinex data from our correctional stations and postprocessed them in RTKPOST.

I’ve then got two files: xxxx.pos and xxxx_events.pos. When I open the _events.pos file, there are about the same number of coordinates as I have pictures in that mapping flight, with some intro header about folder, names, etc.

Now, my images are not geotagged and Pix4D asks for a file with geolocations of the images.

How do I convert the _events.pos file to a Pix4D readable file? Do I simlpy copy-paste the lines with the coordinates to a .csv file?

Or is there some kind of automation?

Hi Dario,

Check out this tutorial prepared by Tuffwing:


tanx for the link, clarifies a lot.

Just to be shure if I understood it good: Pix4D does not need images names in the csv or txt files, it just takes the coordinates by their order and joins them with the images by their order?

Yes, it’s correct.

That’s great info and makes it much easier :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

I have an update for you to make the drone mapping workflow super easy :blush: Now we provide a single app for both processing data and geotagging photos - Emlid Studio. Our docs will guide you through the process step by step.