How To For PPK?

I’m planning on getting a Reach RS and utilize CORS to establish precise coordinates for ground control points used in photogrammetry (drone surveying). I’m using GCPs because I don’t have a remote sensor setup on my drone yet. I’m new to this and I can’t seem to locate a “How To” for how you go about taking the data from the Reach taken at each of the control points and processing it with the CORS data to correct the coordinates. I don’t even know how close the CORS station needs to be. I found the Reach documentation but it appears to be for RTK not PPK. My understanding, and maybe I’m misunderstanding, is that to establish absolute coordinates using PPK I don’t need two units, however I must admit it baffles me how this can happen without having at least one initial point to place the Reach on that you know the absolute coordinates already. But I think that’s just due to me still learning about PPK.

Would greatly appreciate it if someone can provide a link or otherwise throw me a bone on this. Thanks!

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Hi Jazee and welcome to the forum.

There’s a great tutorial on PPK in the documents section.

Have a look and if you get stuck there’s plenty of experience on this forum.

Yes, since starting this thread, I finally found a message in another thread that just said follow those instructions and just consider when it references “base station” to use the CORS data. It was just a bit confusing as that section is prefaced by “How RTK Works” so it wasn’t immediately clear the instructions could be applied to PPK when using one Reach unit with CORS instead of two Reach units which is basically what the instructions were written for it looks like but can be applied to both situations.

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