How to find a absolute point?

Let me say in advance, I have little / no knoledge at all on surveying/ topography!

Let suppose this scenario
I need to find a exact point on earth, no internet connection for Ntrip, but I do have 2 ReachRTK gps .
Let me know if this steps are ok…

I go to the exact place, a few meters away from the spot, I put a boundary mark , and I set up a Base over that mark, measuring the exact height of the Reach GPS antenna.
I log data for several hours.
Then I need to post process that data in order to get the exact absolute position of where I was.
Up to here I found all the documentation on the forum / starting documents.
Then I need to place my RTK base antenna on the same place, and tell the Reach software the absolute position of the antenna, is this correct?
And lets suppose I already did that, how do I stake out that point ( the point that im looking for ) from the reach software?

I was able to see on my map the points that I save, I understood that I can upload points to my GPS memory in order to see them on that project map, but is there any option or 3rd party software that tells me " you are 20 cm north 78cm east 30 cm down the point that you are looking for " in real time ?

Describe your goal in more detail:

Is your goal to measure and report the precise earth coordinates of any location (latitude/longitude in a given frame of reference) or is your goal to be able to revisit/navigate back to any point on earth?

If you have little or no knowledge on surveying/topography at all, i suppose you are not a land surveyor, and no land surveying or mapping hardware/software to connect the reach to, so… you can use Ntrip Client (PlayStore) on an Android device, set it for mock locations, and use Mobile Topographer (PlayStore) to stakeout points. this is in the reach documentation.

What country are you in?

savvy0816 the goal is to use 2 modules in RTK, no ntrip on the location, put the base on a location that can be saved and re evaluated with a Trimble L2 GPS latter in the future, to get the precise and absolute location of the base, with that data, I can fix my poincloud of that day of measurements to have all the points on absolute location.

But, if latter in the future I need to get back to the same place, and I need to find a point that I will have saved on a CVS file, how do I do this ? I know that I can put my base on the same place, enter the manual cordinates from the Emlid settings, But I don´t know how to find the point back on the map… I can go to the survay option and look at the map, but I shows all the point with no description of each one.
Can this be done without any phone+mobile topographer?

aespinalp I did test the mobile topographer, but It only shows me the phone GPS data, the Ntrip software works, I see the RTK data, so the connection between emlid and the phone its OK, I did mark the “mock” option, but still no luck there

garner5 I Am located in Argentina

You have to activate mock locations not only in the Ntrip client app, also you have to do it in android settings/developer options/mock locations and there select Ntrip Client as mock location app. If you do it correctly, it will work.

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