How to Duplicate a Project, including its localization

Is it possible in Flow360 to duplicate a project, including all its data points and the localized coordinate system?

I have explored various export/import formats, but none of them seems to keep the localization information.

@kbjshop , I have not tried it, but there is an option in Flow360 to save the current Coordinate System (which I assume would be the localised one as it would have a (1) at the end. Click on the three meatballs next to it (should be in the right pane when you first open a project), then click “Save to My CS”. Perhaps give it a more descriptive name though as it would then be project specific.

I assume from there, you can use it as a Coordinate System when you create a new project file. When picking the CS, it should be then under “Use Custom”.

It would be good if when setting up a new project, that you could ask it to grab it from another project though.


Hi @kbjshop,

Sorry for the radio silence here.

I agree with @joelbladen. You can save your coordinate systems determined by localization and use them in new projects. We’ve written a guide on how to do this.

For now, there is no straightforward way to duplicate the project including its localization. As a workaround, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Save the localization-based coordinate system as a custom CRS.
  • Export the data from the original project.
  • Create a new project using the custom CRS.
  • Import the exported data into the newly established project.