How to download files from Reach

I’m following this and bear with me as I’m a novice. How do I get the UBX file and base solution and raw files from the RS2?

In terms of post-processing, I am again a total novice. Is there a good guide for this?

Thank you.

Hi @dave.calder,

From RS2 you get a UBX file (raw). You download it from “logging” tab in Reachview. Yo have to convert it to Obs/Nav files with Rtkconv. Then if you want to post-process you have to use Rtkpost and to view the results you can use Rtkplot.

Rtconv, Rtkpost and Rtkplot are part of Rtklib. Here you have more info about post-process and Rtklib from Emlid Docs:

Hi @dave.calder,

I don’t have much to add to the @Doppler_Uav reply. However, I think this detailed guide on how to download files from Reach might be of help to you:

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