How to correct points after the fact?

Ok, set up RS Base on arbitrary unknown point using Average SINGLE for 2 minutes. (Did not have the manual known point at the time of point collection or a CORS NTRIP point to reference).

Collected FIXED points using RS Rover with cm accuracy between BASE and ROVER.

Obviously, all the points including base point are offset a couple of meters in every direction from actual TRUE point on the global or local grid since AVERAGE SINGLE used for Base.

Is it possible to readjust/fix or transform all these points to where they should be in relation to a KNOWN point after the fact if I have coordinate / ellipsoid / orthometric data from a known point on public record?


Hi @timd1971,

Yep, the main thing is to have this point collected during the survey. If you have a pair of coordinates (known and ones from the survey), you can follow the steps from this post to correct the data.