How to convert time in M+ Events Log to UTC Date/ time and vice versa?

Can anyone tell me the formula for converting the time in the M+ Events log to UTC time or normal time format and vice versa?

The Events time format is like this:


I am trying to get the formula (ie Excel formula) to convert that to a format like
2019/02/03 15:33:20.235

yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss.000 (millisecond to the 3rd decimal).

And ultimately what I want is to convert the time format:
yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss.000 into the format in the Events file.


Hi @timmyd,

The time in Reach M+ log is in GPS format. To convert it to UTC time, you need to subtract 18 leap seconds from GPS time.

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Thanks Tatiana. I am also posting this link for future visitors who want to get a good understanding of GPS time vs Unix Time, etc. It is simple and easy to understand.

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hello @tatiana.andreeva, is there any reason why we could not have access to, or facility to record the rising edge event through emlid firmware?

i haven’t checked these logs for content so i ask this in total ignorance.

I might be wrong but when using the Phantom 4 LED lights like we are doing, there is just one mark created when the LED blinks ( it is called the Falling Edge time but in fact it is just a time mark). For people who have cameras directly integrated with the M+ (ie via hotshoe, etc), then I think the abilities to grab the various stages of the shutter actuation, be it rising or falling, or in the middle is there. I am not sure how folks are setting up non DJI systems. @chascoadmin has a Yuncee setup but I’m not sure how it works. I would love to see some videos for different setups that go into pretty good detail on how it functions differently from the DJI setups (meaning hotshoes, direct integration with M+, etc). If this is wrong maybe someone can clarify.

yes, maybe…

apparently, there can be both falling and rising edge events recorded in the UBX file (voltage drop and voltage rise on the time mark pin), and if the rising edge is being recorded in the UBX file then the conversion to RINEX only outputs the falling edge. I’m asking if it is possible in a future firmware release to specify which one to output, or to output both. Rising edge would detect the LED going off.

Hi @wsurvey,

Thanks for the request!
We will check what we can do.

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