How to convert Telemetry UART port to USB port?

Hi, i have a navio2 with the latest image from the docs. I have used it for auto flying mission. But, it is so often to have GPS no fix,… So i want to use an external GPS that connect to UART port. But, before i used this UART port as telemetry.

Now i test the telemetry with USB to TTL (YP-01) with configuration 5v to 5v, Gnd to Gnd, Tx to Rx, Rx to Tx. I have change the arduplane configuration like this…

I have also try all USB port and still cant get to connect it from Mission Planner. The telemetry is from 3dr, and they are connected but not transmitting data (Only green solid light show).

Is the USB TTL the problem? thanks…


Sorry it’s taken us so long to reply. Could you please share if you managed to sort it out on your own?

From what I can see in the screenshot, you’re doing a sane thing. USB-UART will be the telemetry radio and ttyAMA0 is the GPS.

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Thanks for the response…
But I have fixing this issue by removing #TELEM3 from configuration and it accidentally fixed… Now I can connect to my navio using USB TTL…

Thank you

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