How to convert projection file to .DAT format?

Good morning
I have the file of a projection in .DAT, someone would be so kind to tell me how to convert the file to .prj
Thank you very much.

Hi @exismaba,

I know .DAT is a raster format. If you mean the same, there is no straightforward way to convert it to .prj.

I’d open the .DAT file somewhere and check what coordinate system it’s in. After that, you can download .prj from the EPSG website.

It is a system of coordinates specific to that work.

I also remembered that the .DAT format is a Trimble format for raw data. And I can hardly suggest anything regarding this. Maybe someone from our users knows more.

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I’m with Svetlana on this . The .dat file reminds me when we use to use Trimble Geomatics software to PP. It has GNSS data in the file when downloading the raw data from the receivers. I’ve never seen a projection file in the .dat format in my 40 years of surveying, maybe it’s something new.

Have you contacted the manufacture/rsoftware of the .dat file ? Maybe they have some kind of converter.

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