How to convert ITRF2014 result to WGS84?

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The online PPP processing service such as AUSPOS and OPUS have ITRF2014 output, not the WGS84 output. Is there a way to convert the ITRF2014 coordinate to WGS84 coordinate, to centimeter level accuracy sufficient for setting up RTK base?

Any pointers appreciated.


I suggest this link maybe it can help you

the only problem is that the accuracy is not known.

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Hi Zinou, Thank you for the link.

The AUSPOS result I got has ITRF2014 Cartesian X, Y, Z coordinates. The link prompted me to enter X and Y coordinates. Seems odd that it didn’t ask for Z coordinate. Entering just the X Y coordinates and clicking the transform button it reported ERROR (INVALID SOURCE). Not sure what’s the correct ITRF2014 X Y coordinate that it needs?

Has anyone previous experience using online PPP processing service with ITRF2014 output to setup a local RTK base in WGS84 that could share experience on how it can be done?


If you are located in Europe you can use this

You can also use GNSS Solutions v3.80.8
here a manual :
(page 137)
add IRTF2014 First you will find Transformation Parameters from ITRF2014 to ITRF2008
(page 230)

Thank you TB_RTK and Zinou!

It seems I can convert from ITRF2014 to ITRF2008 using (assume ITRF2008 result and WGS84 result are the same if I’m interpreting this correctly Or convert from ITRF2014 to ITRF97 first, then use GNSS Solutions to convert from ITRF97 to WGS84. The result difference is several centimeters, which is good enough for me.

Not sure how to correctly apply the epoch values for the ETRF/ITRF conversion yet; will looking into it more and ask if later have questions.

Many thanks!

sorry for wakeing up a sleeping topic but i thought i might add something here

yes if you have ITRF2008 or IGS08 and the numbers are in Latitude and Longitude then you have WGS84 (G1762) already. i am in the U.S in California and the difference between ITRF2008 and ITRF2014 seems so far to be in the centimeter range (so i think). if for some reason your trying to get back to the original realization (maybe you have some ancient data to stake out) then you would have to do something else.

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