How to control the Navio 2 over the Internet, when UDP sends local?


I have attached the Rasberry Pi 3 / Navio 2 to a 4G Dongle and set it up so it is connected to the internet.

Is it possible therefore, when the Ground Station is connected to the internet as well ( via another Network),

to connect this “remote” Ground Station to the Drone?

Because when starting the command pi@navio: ~ $ sudo ArduCopter-quad -A udp:

the local IP of the ground station is required.

I wonder how it would be possible to connect the drone over the internet to a ground station, not the local wifi, since I already have 3/4G on the UAV.

@romulus it can be done using a public IP on one of the sides. If there’s no way to obtain a public IP on neither of the sides then it is possible to use intermediate machine (e.g. hosting server) with public IP that would transfer the data.