How to control a hybrid rover/boat/quadcopter with Navio2?


I read everything but the basics it not exactly for me! So which computer works the control?
So I buy a raspberry and a navio2! These are leave on the model, how can I control my model only Linux teamviewer? And if I have a Bluetooth joystick where need to connect! I have a hybrid model so I need the ardurover and the ardupilot too! Please help me to the clear see!!!


And if the works and the controls are on different device what is the best control soft for my hybrid, and Bluetooth joystick maybe iOS or Pc! iPad would be the best but Pc is ok too!

I do not know what you mean with hybrid model. Ardupilot is not a software/firmware to run on a flightcontroller, it is the name of a project under which firmwares for different vehicles are developed.
Something like:
Ardurover + Arduplane + Arducopter + Antennatracker + Arducopter = Ardupilot

Yes, the Navio and the RPi are mounted on the vehicle. It is recommended (and in some countries mandatory) to have a RC transmitter/receiver to control your vehicle.
You can also control your vehicle with a PC and joystick if you have a telemetry link (telemetry radios or wifi for example). between the two. You install Missionplanner on your PC, then you configure the joystick in Missionplanner.
Some groundcontrolstations for Android have the ability to control your vehicle over onscreen joysticks.

Controlling a vehicle over a telemetry link usually introduces more latency into the control and it is less reliable, especially if you are using wifi. Your vehicle should be fully setup and tuned before you attempt to control it over a telemetry link.
Controlling a rover over telemetry is less risky, because it has less tendency to fall out of the sky.
I hope, I could make things a bit more clear.


Thank you Sir, but not so clear now again!

Navio on board i have a wifi router on board with external antenna for the other cameras for fishfinder and some else. Its a full hybrid modell, this is a 4 wheel rover what can go on water and the for wheel have some rowing, and has 4 rotor to flight, not so easy but work. Now I would like to control the all project from pc! With this joy: ipega9023 bluetooth joystick! Thats the plan! I have a tablet with windows I have an ipad and I have an iphone! I don’t know wich is the better way for me to control. I don’t wanna use the original rc control.

Rover and boat work with a 4 chanel rc transmitter perfect. I bought a big quadrocopter and take it on my model. Now I have two rc controller. The camera and fisfh finder and other work with iphone. I tought one and lets go how can I do to all for my iphone or pc or ipad? The quadcopter have 3 pin rc motor driver too, i would like to drop the quad brain to trash not so perfect :frowning:

The imported is the one housing control around 400meter not the world discover :slight_smile: And when I use as a board I have a robot arm with six Servo and a two Chanel 7segment switch pack can I control it with navio all together?

Now I bought the Navio2 so I need Your help

I do not believe you can control all of that with the Navio alone. You can only run one type of vehicle at a time and it would need some serious code changes to combine arducopter and ardurover in one vehicle type.
And then you would have to add the robot arm to it all.
As I see it, you will need 3 controllers, one for ardurover, one for the copter and one for the robot arm, if you want to control all at the same time.
You could perhaps fly your vehicle with arducopter running on the RPi/Navio, land, shut down arducopter and start up ardurover to drive/float. With the new servo out feature, you can configure the ouputs of arducopter and ardurover, so they do not use the same servo connectors. The robotarm would need its own control software. You could connect the robotarms servos to the Navio too, but the control software can also only run if nothing else (ardurover/arducopter) is using the Navio.

Perhaps not all at same time!
But can I control the robot arm from navio?

I have two motor control to rover 4 other to copter 6 Servo connector an two Servo connector to switchboard!

Navio has 14 servo outputs, so it should be possible. Or you could use a servo controller like the polulu maestro to control the robot arm, then you would be able to move your vehicle and control the robotarm at the same time.

Ok forget the robot arm I will control it from arduino!
If I have a navio can i control the model with Bluetooth joystick from pc?
And control the multiswitch?

In the Pc soft not have 14 pot meter too control the Servo manually?

You can control your vehicle with a joystick from missionplanner.

And the other Servo output as a Simple switch?

Ok I download the software And try anything :wink: Thats the best For Me?
Or does other?

You downloaded Missionplanner?

Not yet.

If you want to control the multiswitch you will need two servo channels of the Navio. You can control those servo channels from Missionplanner, too.

I just updated the title of this topic to make it more descriptive than “How?” :wink:

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