How to contribute to Reachview code?

I would like to contribute to reachview/rtklib code but I wonder if it is still possible ?
I browsed github repositories, but files are quite differents of what is inside receivers’ images. For example rtklib programs are C code in Github and python bytecode in current images.
Furthermore I didn’t find any explanation on how to build images so I wonder how it is possible to test the code.
Any hints will be appreciated.

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Hi @zipang,

The source code for the ReachView app and for our version of RTKLib is not available publicly. I’m afraid it’s not possible to find open access to them.

However, we’re always open to suggestions for the improvement and implementation of different features. If you require something specific, please, share your request with us and we’ll think about a possible solution for you.

Hi @polina.buriak

I have been suprised by your answer at first, then I checked Rtklib website. I wasn’t aware that Takasu had changed Rtklib license from GNU GPL to BSD. So you are allowed to close this previously open source code indeed.

Nevertheless I think it is a bad move. You build great devices and you make money with hardware, not software.
With open source :

  • you could get help from power users which could contribute to the code
  • bugs are detected and corrected faster
  • scientists and researchers could adapt your devices to very specific needs
  • You will get a growing community of tinkerers and hobbyist which will recommend your devices and favour them against closed source competition.
  • an ecosystem of third party apps will develop, enhancing your sales.

So I hope that at Emlid you will reconsider this question in a near future.

All the best



I totally agree. I want to add that closing up the system, will also push people to their own embedded hardware combined with a RTK-capable GNSS-chip. These are getting cheaper/easier every day. (kind of similar to one of the arguments of @zipang

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your requests! However, currently, we don’t have plans on opening the source code of either our version of RTKLib or ReachView.

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