How to connect to Android Phone and Share Internet to Reach RS? HELP!


I have received my new Reach RS today! Updated to latest version. Now I want to go to the field to test it, but dont know how to connect to my Mobile Phone (Android) and Share Internet with RS.

I have one module of Reach RS and Want to connect to CORS system to receive corrections via Internet.

Please help beginner here!


How to create hotspot
And this should get you going. Or just post question if need further guidance

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Thank you for your reply! I have created Hotspot and successfully connected RS to it.

Now my RS has internet access? Lets say I am in place where the is NO INTERNET can i connect to my RS via Hotspot anyway without internet access (because of no antenna signal on phone)?


If your phone has internet then your RS should have the same.



Thank you! I will try it tomorrow in the field :slight_smile:

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