How to connect to a wifi which need to login on the webpage

As the navio based raspberry pi system is not GUI based and the wifi in my laboratory requires me to connect first, then login on the webpage, How could I connect to the wifi need requires me to login on the webpage when there is no GUI for this system.
Or can I use the normal raspberry operating system? Will the GUI based operating system influence the performance of navio2?

I can think of three other methods, besides loading a GUI-based OS:

  1. Learn how to use curl to submit your login details automatically with a script.
  2. If your computer is connected to your PI with an ethernet cable, then you could:
  • use ssh’s application-level port-forwarding ( the -D switch), and
  • configure the web browser on your computer to connect to the SOCKS proxy on the PI
  1. If your computer is connected to your PI with an ethernet cable, then you could also:
  • install a text-mode web browser on the PI, such as lynx
  • accomplish your login with the text-mode browser over ssh

Method 1 might be hard to get working, but it would be the best if you need it to be automated. Method 2 requires a few steps, but everything will be familiar, as you will be browsing the web on your own computer, but through the PI’s wifi. Method 3 might be a little more awkward than method 2 because of the text-mode interface.


Hello Bide,
Thanks for your reply first. Could you post several images to show me how to find the port forwarding? I attached the one I found below

But it seems that I can’t open it. I have connected pi and desktop with a internet cable. And this image is under SSH-Tunnels

You are in the right place, so I have ‘fixed’ your picture:

Does that explain it well enough?