How to connect the Mavlink and PyMavLink to Navio Flight controller and How can I access through the link

Hi All,
I new to the Navio 2 Flight controller board development, I have some question related to this

  1. How to Connect the Mavlink to the Navio 2 flight Controller to get the Data?
  2. By using PyMavlink can we control the flight controller operation from python scripts?

Hi Mohamed,

To learn more about MAVLink and its abilities, please refer to the developer’s documentation. Working with MAVLink directly is rather for advanced users and developers. If you’ve just started, I recommend working with Mission Planner or QGroundControl.

Well, I need the understanding of “It was connected perfectly with the MavLink”.Because I have integrated the Mavlink in Navio2 Controller, But I can’t unable to access the other Like GPS, Compass and All. Meanwhile I used Mission Planner to connect it to setup and but it’s not connecting and it shows

Both Navio and Mission Planner devices are in same IP Address.

Thanks, Regards.
Please help me out to find a solution

Hi Mohamed,

It seems that the port you’re trying to use for the UDP connection is already occupied for some other purpose. What port have you configured in the settings of the /etc/default/arducopter file? The default port for UPD is 14550.

Check What I’ve mentioned, if anything wrong please correct

Could you please comment out the TELEM3 parameter and remove it from ARDUPILOT_OPTS? Save the file and run the following command:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

After that, please try to test the connection with Mission Planner again.

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