How to connect Rover_A to Base_Station_A and Rover_B to Base_Station_B using Emlid Caster


I’ve searched in other threads and haven’t been able to find a clear answer. I would like connect Rover_A to Base_Station_A and Rover_B to Base_Station_B because they are in different geographical locations. But it doesn’t seem like that is possible with the Emlid caster because all (10) rovers use the same username and password. Do I just use the different mount point name of each base station (but still use the same username and password) on each rover? Is the free caster version is limited to corrections for a single geographical location?

Other questions that will help clear up my confusion: The Emlid caster says you can connect 10 rovers to 5 mount points at the same time. It’s unclear to me if all 10 rovers are connected to all 5 mounts points. If so, i don’t understand the use case of having more than one mount point (base station). Is the term for “mount points” and “base stations” interchangeable?

Thank you.

I just read this in the caster documentation for the Pro version:

When you have several mount points enabled, the caster will automatically create the nearest mount point and your client’s rovers will automatically connect to the closest available base station.

Does it work the same way for the free version? For example, does each rover just know which mount point to use based on which one it is closest to?