How to Connect Reach with ArcGIS Survey123: A Step-by-step Guide

Our new guide will help you integrate Reach receivers with the ArcGIS Survey123 app using both Android and iOS devices.

ArcGIS Survey123 allows you to quickly create, share and analyze surveys. With this app, you can collect data via web or mobile devices, even without an Internet connection.

To get started, download ArcGIS Survey123. Then follow our step-by-step guide to connect your Reach receiver to the app via TCP.


Thanks Olga - just what i was looking for. Will this work using NTRIP?


Hi David,

Yes, in that case, it doesn’t matter whether you use your own base or NTRIP for corrections.

I recently returned from fieldwork, and, using the RS2, the Android + Bluetooth or iOS + TCP connection with Survey123 worked flawlessly. The Bluetooth is preferable, but its nice to have the option with iOS devices. As far as I can tell, we still can’t use iOS/TCP with ESRI Field Maps yet(?).

Thanks - looking for the budget now

Do Field Maps work on android then?

Yes, Field Maps works fine with Android devices because of the Bluetooth compatibility.

Thanks Lucas that’s good to know

Hi Lucas,

We’ve never tested ESRI Field Maps on iOS. However, if this app supports integration with receivers via TCP, there should be no issues.

Svetlan here is the link to ESRI’s connected devices web page that may offer some insight:

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