How to connect Raspberry Model A + Navio+?

is it possible tot use Raspberry PI Type with NAVIO+ ? in the document it’s looks supported Model A but could not find how to connect to Model A.

Is any idea how to connect Navio+ and Raspberry pi Model A?

Thank you for your help.

APM autopilot port for Navio+ currently works with:
Raspberry Pi Model A
Raspberry Pi Model B
Raspberry Pi Model A+
Raspberry Pi Model B+
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

You would just follow these pages step by step.

FYI, due to hardware limitations, Model A won’t ‘ideal’ if you want to run other programs along with the APM.

Thank you for your replay!

I read these documents but I could not understand how to connect RaspberryPI A to Navio+,
connector size are different.

Thank you for your help


You will have to unsolder yellow connector on your Raspberry Pi and then align the connectors on the SD card side. Some pins will be left not connected, but it is fine.

I suggest that you upgrade to Raspberry Pi 2, it is only 35$, will save you a lot of time as it fits right and it has enough juice to fly and transmit video at the same time.

Thank you Igor!

I tried and working, i also want to use with Pi2