How to connect navio2 to my gimbal controller?


Can anyone help me to connect my 2-axis Basecam controller with navio2 autopilot. For the controller I have the BGC GUI v2.2 b2 and for the navio2 I have the lastest firmware version.

I am interested in cable wiring and some configuration in mission planner.

Thank you very much!

Hey there,

If your gimbal is controlled by PWM, you can connect it to Navio2 PWM outputs.

I think this article in Ardupilot docs might be of interest to you.

Hello Tatiana,

I used an brushless homemade gimbal with an StorM32 Controller board.

Until now I found a back up solution to connect the gimbal directly to receiver, but I want to introduce my navio2 autopilot in this loop.

PS: For GCS I am using Mission Planner.

Can you suggest me some solution for this ??

Thank you very much!

Have you checked the article I’ve suggested you earlier? I think it might help you.

There is a Navio2 pinout in our docs. You also can find a pinout of your device and try to investigate how they can communicate. As I’ve said earlier, you can use PWM outputs from Navio for it.

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