How to connect emlid reach m2 to raspberry Pi?

Hey everyone!
I want to connect emlid reach m2 rtk GPS with rpi. I will be running ROS on RPI and want to take input for rtk GPS and send correction commands to the rover to navigate accordingly. Can someone please help me with this issue? It will be a great help. Thank you.

How would you like to connect it? There are many possibilities on both units.


S1 port + CH340 USB-TTL adapter
Do not plug two power supplies at the same time as it may damage the device.

I have rpi model 4. I don’t have much idea about how it can be connected. It would be better if I can connect m2’s rx, tx with rpi. If possible can you please share schematic of different types of connection? Thank you for your help.

will try this. thanks for your reply!

Here are all the ports on the M2 labelled.

Hi @pakhranikishita00,

We have several position output options on Reach M2: USB, UART, Bluetooth, and TCP. All of them should work with RPi. But I agree that you should be careful with the power supply and not plug two simultaneously. Reach can recognize RPi as a power supply as well.

Besides the already shared guides, I recommend you check our Ardupilot integration guide. I understand that you don’t use any autopilot, just RPi with ROS, but it still may be helpful in terms of different types of connections.

For what it is worth I have an application using a rPi model 3b connected to an M2 via one of the USB ports. The rPi USB can’t deliver the current that the M2 needs to boot reliably. My solution is to connect only the data from the M2 USB to the rPi USB port. The M2 gets its power separately via the S1 port from a suitable power supply. In my case that is a Pijuice HAT. C1 or C2 would also work.
I configure the M2 position output stream as serial NMEA format.

What I have done works for me, but as others have said there are a number of ways of interfacing an M2 to a rPi.

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