How to connect Dronekit to ArduPilot

Hey guys.

I’m just wondering if you guys can help me to connect the Dronekit to my Ardupilot on my Navio2

This is the setup of my Ardupilot on my Navio2

This is my Dronekit code test in python

This is the following error

This is how I started the ardupilot
pi@navio:~/Developer/drone_pilot$ sudo systemctl stop arducopter
pi@navio:~/Developer/drone_pilot$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
pi@navio:~/Developer/drone_pilot$ sudo systemctl start arducopter

Please let me know if you guys can help me.

Warm Regards


Hello there!

Could you please show the output of sudo systemctl status arducopter? I want to get confirmation that ArduCopter does really launch.

Hi George.

Thanks for your reply. I guess there is something wrong to start the ardupilot, please see image below.

I will double check the installation process but I reckon I did all the steps right. In the meanwhile if you have any ideas please let me know.

Warm Regards.


Could you please post the output of sudo journalctl -u arducopter right after things went awry?
I’m also interested in the content of /etc/default/arducopter.

Hi George

I started from scratches again so I did install everything again.

It seems it is working now and I am not sure what happened before. :flushed:

This is the result at moment.

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Hallo i have exactly the same problem - same error same everything.
What did you reinstall - Ardupilot? or Dronekit?

Are there other possibile solutions to solve this?

I just reinstall everything again. I was never able to identify the real problem. Sorry