How to connect DALRC 4in1 esc to navio 2

how can I continue from here?

Hi @roishachar,

Here you can find typical setup scheme doc section which might be helpful.
You need to connect to Navio2 4 motor wires (I think they are white on your DALRC), GND and 5v (black and red).

Hi @roishachar,

Did you successfully connect DALRC to Navio2?

before I connect it, I dont understand why do I need to power the servo rail from the dalrc 4in1 esc, the motors get power from the esc, and the navio get power from the battery

Hi @roishachar,

You don’t need to power it but you need to connect GND.
As I can see, you should divide black and red wires to connect only GND.

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