How to confirm that Pixhawk and Reach RTK integrate successfully?

Hi,I want to integrate Reach RTK and Pixhawk in APM firmware
then I read APM integration doc.

ReachView RTK mode showed float/fix,but drone sometimes drift.
How to confirm that Pixhawk and Reach RTK integrate successfully?
Mission Planner gpsstatus2 didn’t report any message,such as gps satellites.

ReachView version : 0.4.9
Reach image version: v1.2
there is my configuration below.

I used Wifi to connect rover and baseStation,so that I could look RTK status at ReachView and plot in rtkplot.

Has any suggestion?


So mission planner gpsstatus2 is always 0? It should be 4/5 for float/fix.

Hi @igor.vereninov

yes, gpsstatus2 always 0. So it means Reach RTK does not inject to Pixhawk?


Which firmware do you have on your Pixhawk?

GPS_INJECT is for RTCM3 injection through mavlink. So it is Pixhawk that does injection, not Reach.

Thank you for your reply
Firmware :APM version3.3.3 on Pixhawk

You need 3.4 or 3.3.3 with ERB support (available in our docs)

OK!Thank you

HI , I have downloaded the firmware you provided , but i am not sure which one is correct , can you tell me whats the meaning of heli , hexa , octa ,single, etc .

sorry ,i am a newbee in this field .

appreciate your help!

and also , i visited apm website , found that the version of firmware is 3.4.5 .

is 3.4.5 support ERB??

from copter 3.4 erb protocol is supported on all versions;

heli hexa etc is the meaning of the frame type; most people use quad-frames, which means 4 motors; take a look here !

got it . thank you ~~~!